Frequently Asked Questions - Answered here for your convenience

TV Repair FAQs

There are a lot of questions that people want answers to and we have covered most of the most common questions here. Having said this, one of the most common questions is "If I have this fault ..., what will it cost?" And this is generally the response - "Testing equipment is most likely needed to assess any and all TV faults. So to give an estimate over the phone without seeing and testing the TV or electronic equipment itself, is a "shot in the dark" and silly to do so".

After you have read thought all of the FAQs, if you are still in need of support, feel free to get in touch with us. Use the following link to head on over to the contact page and fill out the form. We will reply within 24hrs.

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Light Emitting Diode (LED) TV Repair

An LED-backlit LCD television is an LCD TV that uses LED backlighting rather than fluorescent lights used in traditional LCD televisions. The LEDs can come in two forms, Dynamic RGB LEDs which are positioned behind the panel, or white Edge-LEDs positioned around the rim of the screen which use a special diffusion panel to spread the light evenly behind the screen.

Plasma TV Repair

'Plasma TV' uses thousands of sealed, low Pressure Glass chambers filled with a mixture of neon and xenon. Behind these chambers are colour phosphors: one red, one blue and one green for each chamber. When energised, these chambers of 'Plasma' emit invisible ultraviolet (uv) light. The uv light strikes the red, green and blue phosphors on the back chest of the display making them produce visible light.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV Repair

All older types of TV's are known as CRT 'Cathode Ray Tube' TV's. This is what they use to display an image. These type of TV's are bulky and although some CRT TV's do have a flat display tube (flat screen) but should not be confused with flat panel display TV's such as Plasma or LCD. CRT TV's break the signal into separate audio (sound) and video (picture) components. The audio part feeds into an audio circuit which uses a loudspeaker to recreate the sound that was recorded in the studio.

LCD TV Repair

LCD stands for 'Liquid Crystal Display' and this technology has been with us for some time now – in things we all know; watches, cd players, calculators, radios, alarm clocks etc. But lately we see them also in televisions, computers screens and cell phones.

A major advantage is that they are thinner and less power hungry than former C.R.T (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors.

What does your Guarantee cover?

We issue a standard 3 month guarantee on parts and workmanship which means this applies to ONLY THE PARTS we replaced and not the TV itself.

Can you fix my LCD TV's cracked screen?

NO, this will have to be replaced. This is one of the most important parts of the TV, and there is simply no easy or economical way of "welding" the screen so that it has "like new" quality.

Only the standby light is on. What could be wrong?

Many different faults cause this same symptom. We need to get the TV in order to diagnose the cause using our test equipment.

The aerial socket at the back of the TV is broken / faulty / making bad contact. What will it cost to repair?

Usually about R250 to R450 depending on which TV it is.

Do we charge to give a Quotation?

Yes, R95 for old type TVs - R250 for flat screens. However, this fee is waived should we be commissioned to repair your TV at the quoted rate.

My TV has funny colours on the screen. What can be wrong?

Usually caused by faulty degaussing thermistor. You will simply need to degauss your screen.

My decoder shows error code ddd or 8118. What is wrong and can you fix it?

Yes, this can certainly be fixed, and the most likely cause of this is the power supply, which will be approximately R288 to repair.

There is a line across my tv screen. What can be wrong? Can it be fixed? What will it cost?

On old CRT TV sets it was usually the frame amplifier section faulty but no price possible without diagnosing the TV. Testing equipment is most likely needed to assess any and all TV faults.

My TV is stuck on child lock. Can you fix it and what will it cost?

Yes- usually R250 to R350

My TV doesn't get picture from the AV / DVD player. What's the problem?

Now this is a typical "we need to have the TV on a workbench with test equipment" in order to do a diagnosis. So we cannot say what the issue is otherwise.

My tv doesn't get picture from the AV / DVD player. What's the problem?

We will need your TV in the workshop to diagnose. Same as above.

My HiFi / Amplifier has no sound. Must I bring the speakers with?

NO, this is not necessary. We have test speaker which will suffice for testing purposes.